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    TPS259631DDAR datasheet

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    Circuiti integrati RF

  • RoHS Status: Stato RoHS Lead free/RoHS Compliant

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TPS259631DDAR Dettagli del prodotto

1 Features

• Wide input voltage range: 2.7-V to 19-V

– 21-V Absolute maximum

• Low On-Resistance: Ron = 89-mΩ (typical)

• Active high enable input with adjustable undervoltage lockout (UVLO)

• Overvoltage protection options available:

– Fast overvoltage clamp (3.8-V, 5.7-V and 13.8-V pin-selectable thresholds) with a response time of 5-μs (typical)

– Adjustable overvoltage lockout (OVLO) with a response time of 1.3-μs (typical)

• Adjustable current limit with load current monitor output (ILM)

– Current range: 0.125-A to 2-A

– Current limit accuracy:

– ±10.4 % (maximum) across current range

– ±5.5 % (maximum) at 1-A current limit

• Immune to Electrical Fast Transients (IEC 61000- 4-4)

• Adjustable output slew rate control (dVdt)

• Overtemperature protection (OTP)

• Fault indication pin (FLT)

• UL 2367 recognition (pending)

• IEC 62368 CB certification (pending)

• Small footprint: 4.91 mm x 3.9 mm SOIC package

2 Applications

• Energy meters

• UL 60335-1 15-W LPC in Appliances

– Refrigerators

– Dishwashers

– Washing machine and dryers

• Set-top boxes

• IP Network cameras

3 Description

The TPS2596xx family of eFuses (integrated FET hot-swap devices) is a highly integrated circuit protection and power management solution in a small package. The devices provide multiple protection modes using very few external components and are a robust defense against overloads, short circuits, voltage surges, and excessive inrush current. Output current limit level can be set with a single externalresistor. It is also possible to get an accurate sense of the output load current by measuring the voltage drop across the current limit resistor. Applications with particular inrush current requirements can set the output slew rate with a single external capacitor. For the TPS25962x variants, in case of an input overvoltage condition, internal clamping circuits limit the output to a safe fixed maximum voltage (pin selectable), with no external components. The TPS25963x variants provide an option to set a userdefined overvoltage cutoff threshold. 

The devices are characterized for operation over a junction temperature range of –40 °C to +125 °C.


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