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Nexperia announces the addition of two new products to the TrEOS series of ESD protection devices for high-speed data lines

Pubblicato :19/12/2022 06:19:09

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The PESD4V0Y1BBSF and PESD4V0X2UM combine high surge withstand, very low trigger voltage and very low clamping voltage to provide an efficient solution for the protection of sensitive systems.


Nijmegen, December 19, 2022: Nexperia, the specialist in high-volume production of basic semiconductor devices, announces the addition of the PESD4V0Y1BBSF and PESD4V0X2UM very low clamping voltage ESD protection diodes to the Nexperia TrEOS portfolio. These devices combine high surge withstand, very low trigger and clamping voltages with wide passband, superior surge immunity, and superior IEC61000-4-5 surge ratings.


Stefan Seider, Senior Product Manager at Nexperia, said: "Nexperia developed the TrEOS portfolio specifically to provide our customers with a range of high-performance ESD protection for applications such as USB3.2, USB4™, Thunderbolt™, HDMI 2.1 and general purpose flash memory. Solution. The fast switching speeds of the PESD4V0Y1BBSF and PESD4V0X2UM provide extremely effective ESD peak suppression for high-speed data lines, while their low trigger voltage helps significantly reduce the energy contained in IEC61000-4-5 8/20 µs surge pulses .”


The single data line PESD4V0Y1BBSF is housed in a low-inductance DSN0603-2 package with a trigger voltage of 6.3 V TLP, typical device robustness and capacitance of 25 A 8/20 µs and 0.7 pF, respectively. The clamping voltage provided by the PESD4V0Y1BBSF is only 2.4 V at 16 A 100 ns TLP and only 3.4 V at 20 A 8/20 µs surge. The dual data line PESD4V0X2UM is housed in a compact DFN1006-3 package, with a trigger voltage of 8 V, a typical device robustness over 14 A 8/20 µs, and a typical device capacitance of 0.82 pF.


While both devices provide excellent protection for the USB2.0 D+/D- lines, the PESD4V0Y1BBSF's S21 passband exceeds 7.5 GHz, making it suitable for USB3.x at 5 Gbps. Both devices offer a high level of surge immunity, with an outstanding IEC61000-4-5 surge rating.


More information on the new devices, including product specifications and data sheets, is available at: nexperia.com/pip/PESD4V0Y1BBSF and nexperia.com/pip/PESD4V0X2UM. For Nexperia's complete Nexperia TrEOS portfolio, please visit nexperia.com/xx.